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We check your eligibility for the J-1 visa program free of charge before starting the process to avoid wasting unnecessary time.


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Our team of experts is here to assist you, students and recent graduates doing an internship in the United States, throughout the process of obtaining your visa and during the entire period of your internship.


Since 2009
Over 40,000 students have used our services

Visa J-1 is a company of Groupe Adiona.

Based in the South of France, Groupe Adiona was created in 2009. Our mission is to accompany students in their efforts to gain international experience. 7 poles have been developed to serve students and the realization of their projects:

2000 +

J-1 Program

150 +


574 +


40000 +


1254 +

Visa J-1

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All J-1 Visa employees are on permanent contracts. The complexity of the J1 program requires extensive and rigorous training.

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